XIV GREAT CHARITY GALA – Fundacja Mam Marzenie (I Have A Dream Foundation) 15th Birthday

Realization and musicians:

  • Radzimir Dębski Jimek – artist
  • Cooperate Orchestra – artists
  • Krzysztof Antkowiak – artist
  • B.R.O. – artist
  • Rebeka Duo – artists
  • Natalia Kukulska – artist
  • Zuzanna Nalewajek – artist
  • Małgorzata Kożuchowska – host
  • Conrado Moreno – host
  • Alina Prokopiuk – preparation, production, coordination

What a wonderful event! Both artistically and socially. We’re glad we could be a part of it! It was a real Gala and a beautiful music experience!

Within our charity activity we’ve supported Fundacja Mam Marzenie (I Have a Dream Foundation) for two years now and in 2018 we’re honored to work on the production of Fundacja Mam Marzenie Birthday Great Charity Gala that took place in a stunning Adam Mickiewicz University Aula that’s also a concert hall of Poznan Philharmonic.

In 2017 we supported Foundation engaging artists who made the event unforgettable, and we also participated in partnership building and promotion. This year beyond the last responsibilities we were trusted to fully produce this great event.

The production included concept, rehearsals & show rundown preparation, Artists engagement and coordination of technical production, logistics, montage, rehearsals and finally the event coordination.

Thanks to our efforts truly great Artists made 2018 Gala unique. First of them – one of the most interesting composer from Poland – Jimek, who performed his Hip Hop History with a 60-piece CoOperate Orchestra. Next, more lyricall, pianist and vocalist – Krzysztof Antkowiak presented his solo material. This high-class pianist supported the vocal performance of a girl who’s a Foundation Beneficiary. They performed a Foundation Anthem orchestrated for charity especially for the needs of this year’s Gala by CoOperate Orchestra. This fantastic orchestra also arranged another tune called “Uwierz w Marzenia” (Believe in Dreams), performed together with a young classical singer Zuzanna Nalewajek. Another great Artist and soul – B.R.O. charmed the audience performing his rap tune that he’d composed for one of the Foundation’s Beneficiant, who’d had a dream to meet this rapper personally some time ago. The second part of the event was more electronic with a performance of two great bands of REBEKA and Natalia Kukulska as final show.

The Gala was full of Foundation’s important moments that have become its tradition to take place on stage – children’s assisted by the Foundation dreams were made come true live. Their “dreams” varied. There was a musical wish of getting own electric guitar or performing on stage together with the artists and also traveling wishes.

This event was sincerely moving, soulfilling, full of joy and thankfulness.

All in a professional multimedia, sound and light arrangement.


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