Realization and artistic line-up:

  • Marcin Ciężki – script, direction / FB
  • Marcin Ciężki – actor
  • Michał Wróblewski – music / WEB
  • Alina Prokopiuk, Marcin Ciężki – stage design and costumes
  • Alina Prokopiuk – preparation, production and coordination, sponsorship building

“Halooo! Chopin” is an avant-garde live music theatrical performance about life and work of Frederic Chopin. The project created by two talented artists: actor Marcin Ciężki and pianist – Michal Wróblewski. It’s a non-pathos performance that tells a simple story about a musician who struggles with everyday life.

The project had its premiere on Apr 2,2016 at Jazz Club Pod Filarami in Gorzow (Poland). It was an open show for Gorzow citizens. Because of its educational character there were 7 more performances between Apr 4 and 30,2016 targeted at young people from secondary school. Halooo Chopin is a mobile performance and 7 performances took place at particular schools of Gorzow Wlkp.

Project co-funded from the City budget, in cooperation with Sztuka Miasta Association.

Project partners

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