“FEELX NOWOWIEJSKI” – premiere of the theater performance directed by Bartosz Badura

Realization and artistic line-up:

  • Bartosz Bandura – director
  • Marek Zalewski – music
  • Natalia Kołodziej – stage design and costumes
  • Alina Prokopiuk – preparation, organization, production, coordination
  • Alicja Kuszyńska – coordination
  • Bartosz Bandura, Artur Nełkowski i Beata Chorążykiewicz – actors (Juliusz Osterwa Theater in Gorzow)
  • Bartosz Bandura, Katarzyna Kaliciak, Piotr Suchocki, Kamil Wesołowski – dancers
  • Marek Zalewski, Arkadiusz Malinowski, Mariusz Lipiński, Daniel Maternik – musicians
  • Małgorzata Staniszewska – graphics
  • Patryk Olejniczak – IT support

The premiere of the performance “FEELX NOWOWIEJSKI” took place on June 19, 2017 on the 140th Anniversary of Feliks Nowowiejski’s Birthday. The spectacle directed by Bartosz Bandura after the success in June, was shown again on November 6, 2017.
“FeelX Nowowiejski” is a one of a kind performance highlighting the Artist’s life and work in today’s world, in the reality that differs so much from the time Feliks Nowowiejski had lived and composed. Pieces of the tunes or musical quotes were the inspiration to create this musical performance. The sounds abstraction of Feliks Nowowiejski is expressed by a move and a word. Actors, dancers and musicians involved in the project focus on the “between notes” content, on the unspoken wisdom. The performance proposes the world of image, fleetness and temporal. The world where live music and sound initiates an action and opens a spectrum of possibilities for both – the artist and the audience.

The combination of dance, move, word and sound is a unique collage that brings out the taste of the past era in a modern interpretation. That’s how we see the heritage of Feliks Nowowiejski today. The heritage is rich but somehow interrupted. By “FeelX Nowowiejski” we try to fill the gaps in the artistic material, add what the composer didn’t manage to to. [B.Bandura – director]

Project co-funded from the City Gorzow Wlkp. budget, in cooperation with Sengus Association that was established especially for the needs of this project.

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