Creating and producing innovative artistis events is my biggest passion. I have worked within it for many years feeling lucky to colaborate with people who share this passion with me. Thank to that I can reach my goals and improve. The efect of my team work has always been a highest value event to become a memorable experience to the audience.

Each of my past activity was initiated with the vision of „making a change” – improving something even a little. I’ve always seen this change and improvement can be made by education. My main idea is to promote high quality in music and artistic events. To educate young generation surrounded by „mediocre-quality” and commerce. Recognizing art, hard work, mastery and wisdom by young people is in decline nowadays. Commercials, billboards, flashes, videoclips… Yes, they all can be a masterpiece. An excuisite piece of music, theater, design, performance, image or literature. Although a literature is a topic for another article 😉

Is it easy to create a valuable project? This is a quesion about passion indeed, so I will answer ‘YES’ to it! It is easy and a great please to me to think, build, create. Working on such project i san enormous effort though. And it requires much time – days, nights, months of wondering and considering how such valuable project can ever see the light of day. Next, an action, a hard work on it. Is it always successful? No. The more – it’s often not successful. It’s much because of the commercialism, speed of life and business and seeing business (even) in art. The effect has to be big and quick. Fest, cheap, profitable again and again. We can argue with that, we can be angry. We can also accept this fact and doubt. We can give up and resign or support that „so-quality” with humility. But we can also recognize what it is as „good” and addressed to these who like such „good”. To these, who are pleased with what it is, for whom this is sufficient or who never wonder.

I went through all of these stages. Actually, this road multiplies and I am repeating these steps. There is a certain balance in the universe and it can be discussed for ages. I grew up not to idealise my or others ideas. Perhaps this is what allows me to look at many issues from a slightly different angle and with a wider approach. I then found more beauty than I could have noticed before. I accept the fact it is hard, but I am consequent in moving forward. Moving forward remebering there are many who really listen, see, think, develop and want good quality present in their and their children life.
The passion is what keeps me doing it. My passion is indestructible though it sometimes brings me to the edge when I ask myself if it was worth to fight at all.

The change in my activity is a result of a reflection and lessons learned when reaching that „edges” from time to time. It is certainly worth to fight. What more, I am truly lucky to meet wise and wonderful people, who think similarly. Who are mentors to me (even though sometimes they don’t know about it). Who I create these fantastic projects with.

Recent change (new brand, website, new team) is meaningful and is a result of long-time reflections. It’s no longer a struggle or a fight, but an action. All of it because accepting the effort, and starting liking it. It’s a belief of the strength of small steps to make a change in a symbiosis with the „so-quality” that surrounds us.
Thank to a smart symbiosis we can create new better quality. And benefit much from it. Benefit to everyone, concious or less concious. And that gives a joy and helpes to move forward.
Together with a wonderful team I open to the new then as ALINA PROKOPIUK PROCUTIONS.